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Lean Manufacturing Simulation Kits

 Fundamentals of Simulation Training

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) recommends using a multi-sensory approach to teaching adult learners.

Adults by nature do not like to read operators manuals, watch instructional videos, or listen to lectures on what to do. They like to learn by doing, they like to become an expert, and then best of all they like to teach others what they know.

The LeanMan TPS Simualtion takes advantage of this learning method by combining the elements of the Toyota training method of respect for the worker, transfer and acceptance of process knowledge between workers, and continuous improvement techniques into a hands-on Learn-Do-Teach environment.

 You will be in good company!
Companies, colleges and consultants around the world have chosen The LeanMan for their Lean Principles training tools. See In Good Company for a list of just a few of the members who have joined the team.

The hands-on simulation kits contain event scenarios that can be completed in under one hour for executive overview, or can be configured to last as long as needed to fully explore the elements of lean.

It's the perfect way to start your lean journey!

 The Value of Training
Motorola calculates that for every $1 spent on training, there is a $30 productivity gain within three years - Ronald Henkoff, "Companies That Train Best," Fortune (March 22,1993).

A study by the National Center on Educational Quality of the Workforce at the University of Pennsylvania found that a dollar invested by a company in education was more than twice as effective in boosting the firm's productivity as a dollar invested in new machinery - Washington Post (December 29, 1996).

Across a variety of business operations, the potential for workforce productivity gains is tremendous. Driving even a 5 percent improvement in productivity can result in substantial bottom-line improvements - Paul Sparta, Workforce Performance Solutions (June 2005).

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